Roughly 33% of the air in your home is escaping through the tiny holes, cracks, and crevices in your ceiling, walls, and floors. This means that your heating and cooling systems are continuously running in an attempt to keep your home at the set temperature…and you’re paying for it!

Adding spray foam insulation with Spray it Green and Certainteed CertaSpray spray foam insulation system can maximize your investments and keep the conditioned air indoors where it belongs. Not only will this reduce your energy bills, it will also cause your heating and cooling systems to run less, last longer, and operate more efficiently!

Spray Foam Types

There are two types of spray foam: closed-cell insulation and open-cell insulation. Both are very similar in that they provide numerous benefits compared to traditional insulation and have slight differences when compared to each other.

Primarily, Spray it Green uses Lapolla FOAM-LOK insulation. To learn about Lapolla FOAM-LOK, please visit Lapolla’s website.

For more information see the table below for a comparison between closed-cell and open-cell insulation.

Closed-cell Insulation Open-cell Insulation
Perfect air seal with a single application?
R-value per inch 6.0 or higher 3.7
7 times better air seal than traditional insulation?
Eliminates unplanned moisture movement and condensation?
50% energy savings compared to traditional insulation?
Vapor barrier?
Improves structural integrity?